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Ukazka spolocnikov! https://t.co/KQszADXVjK
Reach 400 synergy with a friend to become partners and appear in each other's spaces and rankings! https://t.co/MP215moebd

Novy update 0.12.0 umozni zmenenie si farby crosshairov a spectovanie zapasu priatelov, clenov crew alebo clanu! https://t.co/XOeMFyrEHr pubgmczsk photo

Oficialny Discord server PUBG MOBILE nas konecne pridal do ich community servers listu a tym padom dakujeme aj Vam za prekonanu hranicu 1000 clenov.

Taktiez, mozete sa tesit na rozne turnaje o in-game ceny, ktore vdaka tejto spolupraci vieme zariadit. https://t.co/ywsN4CY0oz
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Web - https://t.co/157VFyj5cV
Discord - https://t.co/RNbk3a32jY

Taktiez bol opraveny problem s dverami. https://t.co/iwV0Kcu7Ka
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Search for treasure in the new Explorer and Gold Rush Outfits, available for a limited time as part of the Wilderness Draw! https://t.co/uGrkuQGX7p

Feed your appetite with cunning and guile, and utilize speed to take down Defenders. Take a turn as a Stealth Zombie in the all new Infection Mode! https://t.co/kGn8DLdInq PUBGMOBILE photo

Don’t miss your shot at getting the Season 8 AWM finish! Achieve Diamond Rank before Royals Pass Season 8 ends to pick up this awesome look. https://t.co/It6xTZVbxI PUBGMOBILE photo

With the Seven Seas M24 and Black Rose set, the Pirate Crate has a bevy of buccaneering bounty. This Crate will be gone after August, so don't put this off or you might miss out! https://t.co/1Ip5s6NtDt

Infection Mode is full of fast and furious gameplay, with a team of Defenders trying to survive assault by Zombies! Survive to the end, or take down all the Defenders, and you'll emerge victorious. Have you tried the new Infection Mode yet? What do you think? https://t.co/Yf9OCRSIVI

It doesn't matter if you're hot dropping Pochinki, battling it out in the Warehouse in 4v4TDM, or fighting off zombies in the new infection mode, it's always an adventure in PUBG MOBILE! https://t.co/l7VqOOnkV8 PUBGMOBILE photo
„Mít rád lidi a milovat lidi to je celé tajemství a snad jediný recept na štěstí.“ Jan Werich