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Ukazka spolocnikov! https://t.co/KQszADXVjK
Reach 400 synergy with a friend to become partners and appear in each other's spaces and rankings! https://t.co/MP215moebd

Novy update 0.12.0 umozni zmenenie si farby crosshairov a spectovanie zapasu priatelov, clenov crew alebo clanu! https://t.co/XOeMFyrEHr pubgmczsk photo

Oficialny Discord server PUBG MOBILE nas konecne pridal do ich community servers listu a tym padom dakujeme aj Vam za prekonanu hranicu 1000 clenov.

Taktiez, mozete sa tesit na rozne turnaje o in-game ceny, ktore vdaka tejto spolupraci vieme zariadit. https://t.co/ywsN4CY0oz
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Web - https://t.co/157VFyj5cV
Discord - https://t.co/RNbk3a32jY

Taktiez bol opraveny problem s dverami. https://t.co/iwV0Kcu7Ka
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Apple has some smart people working for them, it's not a bad idea to listen to what they say! https://t.co/4fpgJsLAkJ
App Store @AppStore
Time to trade in that old Royale Pass for the next model!

@PUBGMobile season 7 is here and live!

https://t.co/ptSKwllOx2 https://t.co/lgc7fd5hPr

You and 99,999,999 other PUBG MOBILE fans battle monthly for chicken dinners. Thank's all for joining us; savor the victory! https://t.co/t8xuM4chty PUBGMOBILE photo

The long-awaited military-themed Royale Pass!
Don’t miss it! https://t.co/7HtZnFdPzl

Only the very best can find this super rare creature in Classic mode. Are you one of them? https://t.co/onfRTG8XXI PUBGMOBILE photo

His singing may not be the best, but the squad's teamwork is solid. Always fun to watch a team that works well together! https://t.co/r6iiOrh1Hb

Another collaboration is here! We are thrilled to announce the crossover between PUBG MOBILE and Godzilla: King of the Monsters! Parachute in to find clues of Godzilla's imminent arrival. See Godzilla: King of the Monsters in theaters May 31st! #PUBGMxGodzilla #GodzillaMovie https://t.co/3PoGZb5rlV PUBGMOBILE photo
„Mít rád lidi a milovat lidi to je celé tajemství a snad jediný recept na štěstí.“ Jan Werich